Becoming A Popular Way For People For Enter The Creative Industry

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Freelancing in the media is becoming a popular way for people to enter the creative industry. Freelancers would work on short projects and move on to the next as soon as the job is done. The issue here, however, is the turnover rate of this industry is really high. With the growing competition in the industry, freelancers constantly face issues of insecurity and uncertainty of employment. In this essay I will be discussing the implications of the rise of popularity in the freelance industry and core concepts that freelancers take in to secure employment. Firstly, immaterial labour is a prominent concept that freelancers have to carry out as a form of socialisation to develop contacts and networks to ensure employment. Secondly, the ability to craft their own identity to be different from others becomes a need to be more apparent to employers. Lastly, how flexibility and adaptability as key factor to a continuous stream of jobs.
Immaterial labour was something that freelancers had to go through as a form of socialisation to develop contacts and networks to ensure their employment. Hesmondalgh and Sarah Baker (2008) paid attention to the idea of emotional labour within the TV industry that was drawn from autonomist concept of ‘immaterial labour’ and ‘affective labour’. Their research was based on a television show programme that showed how workers in the TV industry had to suppress emotions to maintain contact with the people they work with even though there were issues that…

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