Becoming A Physical Therapist At High School Essay

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Being a senior in high school was stressful for me, specially when I wanted to go to University of Arizona. I knew I could of got in because my GPA was high, but I also knew I couldn 't afforded living on campus like I wanted to. After over thinking my opinions about loans, grants, FASHA, and scholarships I decided to try to get a scholarship. Sadly, I didn 't get it because I missed two parts of the requirements (tax information and a letter of recommendation). Since I only had three more months until graduation. I stopped thinking about my dream of going to University of Arizona and started to think about reality, like how will I live? Will I ever become a physical therapist? Will I ever make it or am I just a dreamer, dreaming too big about her future? As I slowly started to think about my future and how there is no hope for me to get into college. I was isolating myself from friends and family in hope that I will come up with a plan B.
When nothing came to mind my history teacher called me up one day and handed me a bright orange slip saying, Cassie Anderson you have received a rewarded. Come to room 216 on Wednesday 11th. They say God works in mysterious ways, in this case he did. I received a two year free scholarship from Central Arizona College (promise for the future). I was overjoyed with happiness when they gave the paper that clarifies I 'm going to college. Once I told my parents about my scholarship they jumped with joy and hugged me like a bear so tightly…

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