Becoming A Pediatrician As A Doctor Essays

1684 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Becoming a pediatrician has been something that I’ve thought about for a long time. I’ve always had a passion for kids since I have younger siblings I’ve learned to deal with them when their sick, need help and can’t fully communicate what’s wrong with them as well as just overall being there for them. For a long time I battled between the decision of becoming an actual doctor, a nurse or a pediatrician. Being a doctor didn’t hit a nerve in a positive way to me. Doctors to me don’t have a specific age range that they deal with as well as their all over the place to me. Being a nurse wasn’t for me either because of the fact that my aunt was a nurse and she basically chose that job just because it was somewhat the easiest and she didn’t want to go through the whole college process and invest her time in school. Pediatrics is the one that touched my heart the most because kids are just so innocent and seem as if they do need the most care, attention and affection. The reason why I mainly chose this career is because I have an unimaginable love for kids. Some people may not be able to put up with them crying and wining all the time but for me it’s a challenge and it may be difficult but it gives me a reason to try harder to make sure that they are in good shape as well as good hands. The main thing that appeals to me about this job is not the money, or the amount of hours you have to invest in school to get to the job but it’s just the passion that I have for kids. I could care…

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