Becoming A Good Habit Of Procrastinating, By Practicing Better Time Management Skills

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For my Self-Change Project I decided to work on changing my very bad habit of procrastinating, by practicing better time management skills. Procrastinating is something that I have done as far back as I can remember. I always waited until the last minute in everything I did from school projects, helping others, to even leaving out of the house. Everything I did was at the very last minute, to include starting school and signing up for classes. If I would have waited another semester to start school, I would have lost out on some of my military GI Bill benefits. I feel that changing this habit, will result into a better opportunity to become a better student as well as a better example for my children. If I am able to show up to class on-time, be well prepared, and complete assignments in a timely manner, I feel I will be able to get through each semester with less stress and better grades. Breaking bad habits can be very difficult, I found that finding a motivation helps to form new habits. My motivation for this change is my children and my future. My children are watching me every day, and more things are caught rather than taught. I want my every day activities to reflect the person I want them to be able to look up to. I also want to ensure getting good grades, by making school a priority and choosing not to procrastinate I am giving a bigger opportunity for success. In order to make this change, I will give myself a very detailed to do list and schedule. The list will…

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