Amy Tan's Two Kinds: A Character Analysis

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Becoming more independent with the decisions you make as a separate individual apart from your family is a path you must take to become more true yourself. On one side you have to be like the daughter in Amy Tan’s, “Two Kinds” who is assertive about making her own choices to her overbearing mother. While also being like Shakespeare 's character, Desdemona, who is ready to take either his father’s rejection or approval on her decision to marry someone he may not accept from his play titled, “Othello”. Parents want the best for their children, but in some cases a parent like the mother in “Two Kinds” may be too forceful on the child to get them to be something they are not. I was also forced to take piano lessons like the daughter and was given multiple study books to better my mathematical skills. At the time, I detested my mother for incessantly pushing me to do things I detested like math and playing classical music on the piano, but after gradually opposing her wishes I became happier. This was very similar to the trials that the daughter in the story (“Two …show more content…
Acquiring the will to not let every opinion someone has towards you is something you get better at over time and it lets you become more happier once you are free from other people’s voices. Desdemona’s father desperately tried to stop the marriage with Othello because he thought that it was a mistake however unlike Desdemona, many people may end up accepting their parents wishes instead of following their own journey. Desdemona’s character (“Othello”) is a excellent example of how you should handle a parent 's rejection with grace and confidence. Desdemona could have ran away from home knowing her father would object her marriage but instead she stood her ground and was prepared to fight for his approval of her love for

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