Becoming A Cub Scout Changed My Life Essay

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It 's important to know that I have been a United States citizen in my entire life, that goes the same for my family as well. At the age of ten I signed up to become a Cub Scout, whether through my father 's own wishes or my own devices, I do not know. However, becoming a cub scout changed my life. Camp out were common, and the amount of time I was able to hang out with my friends even more so. I learned life skills that I never would have learned anywhere else, and now later in my life scouting has influenced me dramatically. My love for the outdoors as well as exploration can never be stopped. In doing so we now visit the National parks, and monuments that cross our path, whenever my family goes on road trips. Do with the amount of traveling that we do, I have been to over forty of the fifty states and have visited national parks in the majority of them. Camping in the national parks is commonplace for us, to be able to get away from the bustle of the city, and settle down enjoying the open air and the stars over our heads. Now, the first thing I identify with is The Boy Scouts of America, which was inspired by and modeled on the Boy Scout Association, established by one Robert Baden-Powell in Britain in 1908. The Boy Scouts grew rapidly and became the largest youth organization in the United States, with over two million youths in either the cub scout and boy scout program, as well as over one million scout leaders. I am proud to call myself one of these scouts. The…

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