Becoming A Career For Dentistry Essay

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It was a beautiful morning; like bees in a hive, each staff member was constantly in motion. And the assistant called, “in room two.” I remember having butterflies in my stomach from being both nervous and excited. Finally, the time had arrived to consult my dentist for fixing my protruded teeth. Over the next year, my teeth had become aligned giving me a beautiful smile. As a 14-year-old, this meant the world to me, and it significantly enhanced my self-esteem. It sparked me to pursue a career in dentistry to impart such a lasting effect to others. For more insights, I shadowed my family dentist, Dr. ..... It amazed me to see the amalgamation of science and art. Hence, inclined towards dentistry.

My parents encouraged my interest in dentistry and by observing my physician father; I had learned the values such as professionalism, compassion, and dedication. I worked hard in high school and in 2005, I secured admission to the dental program at ......University, one of the most prestigious institutes in India. Even though transitioning from my native language to complete English dental curriculum, I created my identity by receiving highest in Anatomy subject. In my journey, my childhood hobbies in painting and hand sewing were my perks. During clinical terms, appreciation of work by my patients reminded me of the gratitude I felt towards my dentist. It stimulated me to achieve more in the practice of dentistry. Since we were the first batch in school, I received incredible…

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