Essay about Beauty Pageants Are The Best Times Of A Life

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The everyday life of a child consists of being able to play, laugh, have fun and be with their friends. The innocence of a child is like nothing else and childhood can be referred as the best times of a person’s life considering they didn’t worry much. The Beauty Pageant Industry can destroy a child’s chance to live a carefree lifestyle by bringing health risks while damaging their self-image as well as exploiting the child.
Beauty pageants are very well known due to “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe,” but child beauty pageants are the most popular that many people seem to enjoy. Young girls are glammed up and taught to do a certain routine in order to win the hearts of the judges, but these types of activities can harm the child in various ways. They are known to have different portions in a contest that include doing the catwalk, getting to know the child, performing a talent and then swimwear. Judges then base the contestants with criteria’s such as facial beauty, talent, and outfits (Rodie 1). When a young girl win’s first place she can expect roses, tiaras, and sometimes cash prizes up to $10,000 (1). Although people may think Child Beauty Pageants are amusing and cute, they do have an ugly side to it. In an article Lindsey states, “Child Beauty Pageants are nothing less than blatant objectification of young girls” (1). As entertaining as it can be for the audience and the family, the child itself can have fun until things don’t go their way or until they don’t receive the…

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