Essay on Beauty Pageants : A Form Of Child Abuse

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Beauty pageants are essentially a form of child abuse. Forcing children to continue to participate in pageants even though it is evident that they are not enjoying it for the sake of gratification for the parents or financial gain is ethically immoral and a form of abuse. Some parents believe that they are providing healthy competition for their children and that since it is not physically harming them, then it is not a form of abuse. However, when parents coax children to do something the parents want or offer treats for acting good while at the pageant, these parents are only providing a temporary form of happiness because they know their children do not want to participate. Due to the multiple events scheduled in one day during a pageant, children do not have time for a nap or even to take a lunch break. To assure that the child will still be awake during the crowning ceremony, which most often occurs in the evening, parents have been known to give their child energy drinks or huge pixie sticks, which in the pageant world is referred to as “pageant crack” (Durham 8). Some parents, to make sure that their child has absolutely no imperfections, inject the child’s lips or wrinkles around eyes with Botox. Kerry Campbell, a pageant mother from San Francisco, was injecting her eight-year-old daughter with Botox. She claimed she got the idea from other pageant mothers who also wanted their daughters to have a stronger competitive edge in the competitions. Campbell stated, “What…

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