Beauty In The Eye Of The Samurai Essay

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Samurai (Quotation Analysis)

“Beauty exists where you least expect to find it” (Sachi, page. 148).

The speaker of this evocative and telling quotation is the diffident Sachi; this line is uttered when she is confabulating with Stephen alone in her meek house in the village of Yamaguchi after the preceding fire is doused out. After Matsu and Hiro-san go to bed, Stephen sneaks out into Sachi’s garden where she finds her musing upon her sentiments of anxiety. Shortly thereafter, Sachi practically divulges her whole story behind her life by expounding upon personal affairs such as how she attempted to commit suicide when she had found out that she had contracted leprosy years back and how she had rebuffed Kenzo and concealed herself in the mountainous village of Yamaguchi in order to not dishonour her loved ones any further. This is because in Japan, leprosy was regarded as a great source of opprobrium and infamy. Two points of significance concerning why this quotation is consequential in the novel, The Samurai’s Garden, are that it reveals certain intrinsic characteristics and attributes of several characters in the novel and it touches upon and reinforces some of the most meaningful themes regarding the gift of human life. Firstly, this quotation serves to disclose various
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This quotation truly endows the reader with one of the most powerful messages that concern the treatment of others; that is, how people should learn to become more prudent when it comes to the evaluation of others and how people must realize that everyone has a sense of ineffable goodness and beauty within their souls that is shrouded behind one’s meaningless

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