Essay about Beautiful, Strong, Loving

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Beautiful, Strong, Loving. These words are too less to describe my mother. She is without doubt the amazing person you would know. My mother has beautiful fair pearl like skin that is aged with lines of wisdom and knowledge. Her eyes are small and brown, like saucers with gum drops on them. Her beautiful black short wavy hair, glows in the sun with the few strands of grey that have come with age. She is like a rose, so tough and so beautiful. She teaches me all that she knows in what she thinks is the most appropriate time and way, raising me up to be a mature, sensible and strong-minded girl. But she couldn’t do anything about her illness, it was written in her destiny...........
It was the 23rd of May 2014 at 2:00am in the morning when my mum got up out of bed trembling to reach her bedroom floor. I was wondering whether she was ok or not. I had a bad feeling something was going to happen. My dad rushed her to the hospital. He was driving the car as fast as a bullet.
So I just came home from work experience and I was sitting at home alone. I was wandering if mum would be ok or not. I couldn’t imagine what they would have done to her. I can imagine them putting a 2 inch needle in mums hand and all the blood oozing out of it, 'ouch ' that would be painful. I could picture the hospitals atmosphere smelly, disgusting, and horrible. What would you do if you went all that pain? I suffered thinking how would mum stay in such an unpleasant atmosphere.
I could visualize the…

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