Batm The Killing Joke Essay

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Batman: The Killing Joke has always been a highly controversial superhero comic book of it’s time. When it was made into a full-length animated feature it stirred up feelings in batman fans alike. Reactions to this DC Animated feature ranged from joy to horror of how much it lived up to the comics. This rated R film, the first for DC Animated, is an adaptation of a comic from the 80’s written by Alan Moore, famous for his darker work in comics. The dark themes explored in film are quite explicit and well earned of the R-rating. The film starts with Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl, and her battle to maintain her equal status of Gotham’s hero alongside Batman. While she fights to be more independent and seen as her own hero, Batman chastises her for her actions of trying to handle things on her own in dangerous situations. The partners are starting to grow their separate ways as they investigate a young, violent mob boss attempting to takeover the family business from his father. Things shift gears in the second act after Barbara is violently assaulted and sexually degraded in her home by the villain, Joker, and her father is kidnapped. The movie then focuses on Joker’s backstory and Batman’s efforts of rescuing Barbara’s father.
To the casual watcher, this movie is the story of Batgirl’s struggle to keep up with Batman while she has romantic feelings for him and how Batman would go the distance to save the people he cares for. A deeper, more critical view of the Killing Joke movie…

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