Thinking: Common Barriers To Critical Thinking

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The aim of this paper is to evaluate the concept of critical thinking in order to understand appropriately the importance of this skill. For this purpose, at first, the personal quality that I bring to the critical thinking is deliberated which is then followed by a discussion of barriers that affect the critical thinking process. At last, the actions that can be used to improve the critical thinking in the next semester are presented and elaborated.
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is the capability to think rationally and clearly in order to understand the logical connection among ideas. In other words, critical thinking is a process of skilfully and actively conceptualising, implementing, evaluating, synthesising, and assessing
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Amazing ideas spark in my mind with the help of brainstorming which makes my critical thinking process more effective.
Active Listening I am an active listener and engage in the conversation to make sure that all the important and relevant information is gathered by me regarding the subject matter. With the help of this personal quality, I am able to make the critical thinking process more effective.
Barriers to Critical
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However, in my situation, the common barriers to my critical thinking are poor reading skills, short-term thinking, addictive emotions, and peer pressure. I have noticed that due to the presence of these characteristics in my personality I am not able to become an effective critical thinking. As a thinker, I lack in some of the areas due to dominance of these barriers. Among all the hurdles, the poor reading skill serves as the most significant barrier to my critical thinking skill. In order to gain proper knowledge about many of the things, I have to go through many information and data but my poor reading skill does not assist me in understanding the matter easily. This affects my critical thinking process negatively as I am not able to generate creative ideas. Moreover, the short-term thinking is also the major barrier that I have to face in the process of critical thinking. I have a serious problem of not remembering things for a long time due to which my thinking process deviates from one place to the other. Due to this, I am not able to think critically and generate ideas for the subject matter most of the time. However, other barriers also contribute negatively to my critical thinking process because these two play leading role as a

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