Bardet Friedl Syndrome Summary

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A young man with Bardet-Biedl syndrome forges an unlikely friendship with an Iranian Immigrant when he tries to help her find her uncle, and protects her from immigration, human smugglers, and his own bitter brother.


LAWRENCE ADAMS (25), short, clumsy, and obese, suffers from asthma and Bardet-Biedl syndrome. He lives in a farmhouse with is brother, but he refuses to leave the area around his house or meet new people. He’s afraid that people will laugh at him for being different and unique. He loves to take pictures with his Polaroid camera.

While sitting on the fence and taking pictures outside, he sees a white panel van skid into the farmer’s field. They flee from the police. Lawrence falls off the fence, dropping his
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Reece apologizes for his behavior. He tells Mojan that his brother, despite his physical limitations, knows the difference between right and wrong. He’s the happiest person he knows. Reece is ashamed that he only came back to help his brother for the money. Mojan shares her backstory and how she wants to crusade for the women being abused in Iran.

Mojan’s Uncle SEYED arrives. They are reunited. They say good-bye. Lawrence tells Mojan to call him “El Aurens.

As they leave, Officer Wilkes from Immigration spots them. Lawrence runs out into the middle of the road. He pretends to have an asthma attack, stopping the Officer and allowing Mojan and her uncle to escape. Lawrence acts like he can’t breathe. Officer Wilkes tries to help. Reece looks for Lawrence’s inhaler, but then sees Lawrence wink. Reece plays along.

The brothers bond. Lawrence is willing to sell the home, but Reece wants to stay right there with his brother. Reece thinks they should start up their father’s painting and decorating business together. They both realize how much they love each other.

Lawrence is ready to venture outside the safety of his property. Lawrence promises to take care of Reece. They walk across the field with the glorious sun shining down on

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