Kenya Refugees Journey

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• Mamere, Jeremiah, Paul, Abital and Theo and Daniel family were all killed by Northern Militia. The now orphan Sundanese children venture to the Kenya Refugee camp where they face several hardships and some are even lost along the way to find safe haven. While venturing to Kenya the eldest son and Chief of the group sacrifices himself to rebel soldiers stating that he’s traveling alone while his brothers and sisters hide in the tall grass. Eventually the frayed group make it to the Kenya refugee camp where Daniel dies shortly after arriving. Thirteen years after arriving at the camp Mamere, Jeremiah, Paul, and Abital have a chance to resettle in America they’re all informed that they’ll be living together in Kansas City, Missouri. After departing …show more content…
Carrie Davis grows attached to the brothers from Sudan and does all that she can to reunite the sister Abital with her brothers. Faced with several government issues Davis eventually becomes a host to the sister Abital where she is reunited with her brothers on Christmas Eve. When Abital receives word that a man has asked about them in the camp back in Kenya they learn it could be there long lost brother who sacrificed for them many years ago in the tall grass with rebel soldiers. Mamere ventures back to Kenya to learn that there is now over 100,000 people there. In his search he finds his brother Theo in the camp and travels to Nairobi to get legal papers to get his brother back to America. Once Mamere returns back to the camp he tells his brother that he has received papers to get to America. While waiting to get on the plane and have passports checked Mamere tells Theo to take all of his possessions and go to America under his name since he couldn’t obtain papers for him. Mamere watches his brother Theo leave to the plane where then Theo goes to meet his long lost family in America. Mamere stays behind and works as a doctor in the refugee

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