Essay about Barack Obama 's President Of The United States

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Since the very beginning of Barack Obama’s term as President of the United States, there have been Democrats who have openly supported him. This has been particularly true in the African American community.
Too, a great many people who originally voted for President Obama have been amongst others who continue to vehemently denounce some of the decisions he has made on a variety of issues.
Most notably of these critics have been Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West. Tavis Smiley of CNN’s Talk Live is a political commentator and he has made numerous appearances on political discussion shows such as MSNBC, ABC, and CNN.

Dr. Cornell West is a frequent media commentator on political and social issues and has often appeared on CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS and programs such as Real Time With Bill Maher, The Colbert Report, and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Dr. West has held a number of high profile positions including Professorships at Yale, Princeton, Harvard and the University of Paris.
Both Tavis Smiley and Dr. West believe that African Americans haven’t fared as well economically under President Obama. And they have made their feelings known on various levels.
There have been other critics who were instrumental in getting African Americans out to vote for President Barack Obama but later felt much trepidation about their original support of him and many felt let down.
Essentially, there’s a feeling among many that the President has been more focused on…

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