Essay about Barack Obam President Obama

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Barack Obama Biography

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii where he should be raised by his mother and father. His parent’s names are Ann Duham, who is his mother and his father’s name is barrack Obama Sr. Barack means “blessed” in Swahili and he was given this name so he could embrace his African American heritage. While he was just an infant, Obama Sr. moved away to Boston to obtain a Ph.D. The parents of Barack ended their marriage in 1964. This decision left Obama to choose between parents. Obamas When Obama turned ten years old he was sent back to Hawaii to move back with his grandparents, however he wanted to spend time with his dad whom had moved away to the country known as Kenya. Barack had come to realize that he would be able to embrace both heritages. Obama didn’t really have a relationship with his father because he moved away to Kenya and got remarried to another woman. His mother also remarried to a university of Hawaii graduate from Indonesia. Barack and his mother moved away to Indonesia with her newlywed husband. However, an incident occurred in which made Mrs. Duham fear for young Obama safety. Furthermore, this led to Obama moving back to Hawaii with his grandparents. His mother and his sister would soon to join them. While young Barack was staying with his grandparents, he enrolled to Punahou Academy. He was one of three African American children who attended this academy. He was a smart child, his intellect was sharp and he was…

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