Barack Clinton Of The Democratic Party Essay examples

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The next four years in America, I predict to be chaos and the making of America a laughing stock even worse than it already is. This election year is a hoax and to be quite honest, I don’t want to vote for either of the major party candidates. While observing the debates, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; It was like observing two five-year-olds fighting over a toy(America) while the mother(the moderator) tried to have them disperse. Although, this past and final debate that occurred on Wednesday, October 19th; I contemplated and believe I’ve come down to a decision on who to vote for. Come election day on November 8th, I will be wistfully voting for Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Since at the greatest were talking the final debate, majority of the topics were on moral ethics with the Supreme Court Justices, Trumps refusal to accept the results if in favor for Hillary, as well as their tempers for each other. Essentially, Moral ethics with the Supreme Justices is an important topic to discuss and to persuade voters. My belief is that it is wrong to pick Supreme justices just to help your view on topics; but since it is almost impossible for it not to be avoided, I do agree with the type of Supreme Justices Hilary will be putting in office. They are pro-gun but with some limitations and pro-choice. Trump perceives Hillary out to be Anti-gun because of some misunderstandings and poor word choices made by Hillary in the Heller Case. She just wishes to save…

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