Banning The Throw Away Society Essay

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Banning the ‘Throw-Away Society’
The “throw-away” society is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. (1st pp)Today due to high affordability and availability of the disposable products, our society has turned into a “throw-away” society which is also leading to the increase in the production of such products. Plastics have transformed our everyday life. And over the years, the pile of the waste products on the planet has created several hazards to the environment. To save our environment for the future generations to come, the United States need to develop new government regulations to mend the waste quantity and also people needs to be aware of all these hazards and the need of the regulations. Although these regulations have their pros and cons. It has many direct effects on the marketplace, the environment, and the health. The ban on plastic products and materials is a very dramatic measure because it contradict producers a market and also limit the consumers’ access to the goods. Recently, a planned ban on the plastic shopping bags was announced in the California, US. More than 24,600 peoples, who are either employed or supported by 344 plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry across the country, are threaten by this proposed law (Villarreal and Feigenbaum 3-6). Moreover, these industries also invest in the innovative green technologies that are altering dramatically the plastics recycling industry. This threat, in the long run, is impacting the…

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