Banning Ban On Tobacco And Alcohol Essay

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Restricting certain foods sounds like it would work in theory, but banning items from SNAP proves to be a difficult task. While there is a ban on tobacco and alcohol, getting a bill passed by Congress is almost impossible when it comes to the banning of food from people (Saslow). In an interview with Terry Canales, a Texas state representative, he recalls that he tried to propose a bill before the House of Representatives that would ban energy drinks from being purchased with food-stamps, a predecessor of SNAP (Saslow). In the beginning Canales’s plan sounded like a splendid idea. First, start out with something small and not try to outright ban everything all at once, which would get more opposition from lobbyists from the food industry, and then gradually add more food items to the list that would be deemed unhealthy. Nonetheless, the bill was never passed because not only was Canales’s bill met with opposition from the lobbyists for energy drinks but also a food bank representative and an anti-hunger group (Saslow). Obviously, the biggest surprise is that some food banks and anti-hunger groups, organizations that one would expect be in favor of such a bill, were opposed of such a decision. In short, banning food items from the SNAP program seems like it would work better than relying on small vendors to sell healthy food, but such a ban will likely never happen so other solutions must be considered. Possibly, in order to enable those below the poverty line to buy…

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