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Internet Marketing
L/O: 2
Leaner’s Name: Md Syful Islam
ID NO: 2012226005
Assessor: Mr. Irfan Jahangir

Task 3
Benefits of internet marketing for the customer
Customers have gained immensely from the use of the internet. As the number of users of the internet is increasing more and more will shop online. Listed below are some of the benefits of the internet for the customer.

Comparing and selecting providers:
One of the greatest advantages for the customer is that they can compare products or services they wish to purchase from the comfort of their own homes. Instead of visiting a number of different retail outlets, the user simply has to open different window tabs to compare prices or features of the product/service they wish
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Dynamic pricing:
As Comet experienced in the early days of the Internet, the web broke down doors by destroying old dynamic pricing schemes. Today, developments in technology are providing new ways to implement dynamic pricing strategies. Multiple industries are utilizing dynamic pricing to increase profits and improve sales. The airline industry and now professional baseball have mastered the art of dynamic pricing to the point where consumers expect to pay different prices for their products. It will be increasingly difficult for firms to sit on information about what their products are really worth. Thus, with the continual emergence of new technology, expect an increasing number of online firms to experiment with dynamic pricing.

Responsive transactions:
On the Internet, B2B (business to business) is the exchange of products or services between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. Both PayPal and Paymate offer credit card to bank account payments. Using one of these services you can invoice a customer, they can pay on Paymate and the funds will be deposited in your bank account less a transaction fee.
Unlike a credit card merchant facility you will not have ongoing, minimum monthly fees and the transaction fee is better

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