Bad Writing Habits Analysis

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My Bad Writing Habits Noted in Robert’s Essay
No one writer is without writing mistakes, or what one may call “bad writing habits”. Reading through essays, one can wonder that even expert essay writers are not all that perfect. Although this is an issue that partly relies on individual judgment, the different ways in which people perceive phenomenon, their experiences, backgrounds and all other personal preferences. There are generally universally acceptable standards that are used to gauge a piece of writing to be free of the unwanted habits. After reading through Paul Robert’s essay, I realized that I’m not an exception out of this bracket. In fact, I’m a partner, despite the obvious that a leper cannot see leprosy in himself.
One of the common writing habits that I always find inevitable is the use of obvious content. In most of my writing, I tend to take the side of the coin that seems attractive, cheap, easy and appealing to me. The point here is, getting more points and words and not what the essay will really look like to the reader. It hasn’t for a long time, ever come to my mind that such common content similarly leaps onto many people’s minds. According to Robert, the obvious content leaps into many people’s minds and this can be avoided by summing up and disposing of the trite and conventional points before
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It is clear that essay writing operates with its own vocabulary that is somewhat different from what is actually used in everyday speech. It shouldn’t contain colloquialisms, slang, jargon and some other undue elements in it structure. I’m not very fond of using this as I can say, but sometimes by a slip of the tongue, I just find them within my essay without my consciousness. The use of colored and colorful words is often limited in my essays and Robert suggests that this should be used but in

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