Essay on Bad Leadership : Good Leadership

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Bad Leadership

The simplest way to explain bad leadership is that is the opposite of good leadership, however this does not give us any insight as to what makes a bad leader. The root of bad leadership starts with the individual and what his or her motives and/or abilities are. According to The Manager’s Bookshelf, bad leaders can be categorized seven different ways:

The first is the incompetent leader. This individual does not have the know-how to lead others effectively. This could be a lack of knowledge of the job or a lack of leadership skills.

The rigid leader is one who is overly structured and does not want or does not possess the ability to “roll with the punches.” This individual may be narrow or closed minded, they are unaccepting of new ideas and procedures.

The intemperate leader is unbalanced and does display restraint. This individual may not react to situations appropriately because they are unable to control their reaction.

The callous leader does not consider his or her employees or followers needs and wants. They place getting the job done as the number one priority and do not care about the relationships or situations of his/her employees.

The corrupt leader places priority on the interest of self, volleying for number one regardless of what that means. It could involve actions such as stealing another’s work or idea for personal credit or lying about another co-worker to better positon themselves.

The insular leader is similar to the…

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