Distinction Between Power And Politics

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Distinction between power and politics
It might be relatively straightforward to give a definition of power and politics but it is more difficult to distinguish between them (Drory and Romm, 1988). Drory and Romm (1988) argue that these two are often used interchangeably and that the difference between the two has never been fully established. There are numerous academic definitions of power and politics.
Politics can be defined as the science catering on guiding and influencing policies and the conduct of work. Politics can be a leading impetus to change management. Politics and self –interest often dictate how people feel about change to their work or the work that they control (Lientz and Rea, 2004)
Power on the other hand is the ability of different parties to achieve something together that/which they could not accomplish individually. According to Robert A. Dahl, power is defined in terms of relation between people, and is expressed in simple symbolic notion (Dahl, 2007).
So, power is a means of achieving desired goals and effects. Whereas, politics is “the practical domain of
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His study teaches us about three sources of power that thrive even within rigid bureaucracies – expertise, dealing with uncertainty and being irreplaceable (Pfeffer, 1981, p.7). Crozier studied identical factories that were small with 300-400 workers, and with identical technology, processes and structures. The work in the factory was routinized except for repairs of machinery during machine breakdown, which could be carried out by Maintenance workers because they were the only one with the expertise to act on situation of such uncertainties. The knowledge among the technicians passed from one to another so it remained their property. Consequently the authorities and everyone was depended on the technicians for the smooth functioning of the production (Crozier,

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