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Introduction: The purpose of the tests (culture media, motility, enzymes, etc.) we preform on the numerous bacteria in lab is to show any biological or chemical characteristics of the bacteria that may help it survive or adapt in the wild, how it may be useful or hazardous to humans, and use as general knowledge to differentiate bacteria from each other. In the Culture Media test we can use solid and liquid media to grow multiple bacteria in lab. It can help us determine what processes the bacteria can carry out, what nutrients may be needed or not needed for bacterial growth, as well as other characteristics. In the Enzymes test we use different media to test what enzymes are present in a bacterial species and the metabolic processes they carry out to help us determine some differences that help identify or give us more information on certain species. In the Fermentation test we …show more content…
Conclusion: The experiment has showed how some bacteria have become extremely versatile and able to live in many environments and how other have not changed much over the course of time. It has showed how use of sugar, growth based on enzymes, and ability to ferment as well as motility can help us identify multiple bacteria and distinguish them from each other. This will be useful to come in the Isolating and Identifying Bacteria project since we have already isolated and observed the bacteria the information learned in this lab gives us ways to test and observe our bacterial cultures so we can compare results back to our data and attempt to properly identify them. Real world implications of this lab show how difficult it is to obtain growth in a lab at times and how tedious it can be, but also provides a database of sorts to look back upon to help study bacteria and identify which ones cause illness, where they can be found, how to test for them to prevent illness and contamination and possible ways to fight them knowing what they need to survive and what defenses and attributes they

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