Backpacks Vs Briefcases Analysis

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A much recent conversation has been going around, centering the topic on how McDonald’s is on the same boat as cigarettes. Both of these luxuries appear to be in people’s everyday lifestyle despite the harm and bad condition that it put people bodies in. Many questions come to mind when thinking about the two with one in particular: what is really worse for you? Smoking cigarettes or eating McDonald’s?
In the image, in my opinion says two main things: McDonald’s is just as unhealthy as cigarettes and cigarettes are just as bad as McDonald’s. Most people may agree upon the topic that McDonald’s is just as bad as cigarettes. I agree partially with it too. Although it doesn’t have the same impact cigarettes have on a human, it still one of the
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Briefcases”, broke down all the constituents the best, so that can understand and relate it better to our image analysis. In the article she describes the rhetor as the person behind the image. In the case of McDonald 's being worse, the rhetor behind this may be a person who has experience obesity or have friends and family who are obese or on the verge of obesity. It can also be someone who believes heavily in eating healthy. Laura Carroll also define exigence as “urgency”. In article Laura Carroll writes, “Understanding the exigence is important because it helps you begin to discover the purpose of the rhetoric. The exigence for McDonald’s being worse is to give more attention to obesity and to prevent it from happening more. It is also putting the spotlight on people bodies and health. Ms. Carroll also writes about the audience. The audience can be referred to those who are intended or unintended recipients of the message. They should be able to help the problem presented to them. “Audience can determine the type of language use, the formality of the discourse, the medium of delivery of the rhetoric and even the types of reasons used to make the rhetors argument”(Bitzers). The audience for this case would be the parents. I say parents because the majority that eats McDonalds is youth. The youth are introduced to McDonalds by their parents so the parents have control over that. Kids

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