Reflective Essay: Backhand Spring

Although others didn 't believe I could get my backhand spring, I was determined because I was the last person on my cheer team who hadn 't already got it, and with the help of my coaches, and believing in myself I finally achieved my goal. I have been an active member in cheerleading since I was in third grade; as I have grown, I have begun to make more in the sport than I ever could have imagined. I believe that anytime someone doesn 't believe in you, it is just a reason to prove them wrong. Not only did I get my backhand spring, but I have also perfected my backhand spring, and recently began trying to get my tuck. It took many tries, although I did get hurt many times while attempting this, I finally did it. My coaches were the only people who pushed me and believed that I could get my backhand spring. It took me around four years to want to get my backhand spring, but when I decided to get it, I was determined and wouldn 't give up until I got it. The fact that I was the only girl on our team that hadn 't got a backhand spring, that was enough motivation to get me to begin my journey in cheerleading. I have cheered for many different types of teams, I cheered for schools, and a competitive team. I cheered for my elementary school from third grade to fifth, and then began competitive …show more content…
I am now a very outgoing person, and without cheering, I would have never become who I am today. Cheerleading was hard at times, but all it took was practice to become the cheerleader I am today. My favorite quote is "Practice makes perfect" and in this situation, this was the perfect quote for me. I practiced this technique until I had it perfect, and proved everyone that didn 't believe in me wrong. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had. When I was able to show everyone that doubted me that I could do it, all I had to do was believe in

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