Background Of The Company : Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

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Background of the company
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation located in San Jose, found in 1982 by T.J. Rodgers and he used four years to turn the company into public supplier.
The Wall Street Journal had named Cypress as ‘Quintessential Entrepreneurial Company’ due to the company had received many rewards in finance (Cypress, 2015). Cypress semiconductor have five nucleus vision which are ‘Cypress are about being a winner’, ‘People who work in Cypress are the best of the best’, ‘Cypress employees will only do the correct things to provide better performance’, ‘Cypress will make their own numbers’ and ‘Invest and build up an art product base on technology’ (, 2015).
Cypress is a manufacturer company, at the beginning the company publishes certain parts of integrated circuits for different technology market like telecommunication, personal computer. Now the company also creates different chips for smartphones, USB ports and wireless (, 2015). Cypress has three subsidiaries, three of them are located in different area of the United States which is invested in Bloomington and Lynnwood and one of subsidiary settle in India Bangalore (Cypress, 2015). T.J. Rodgers is the current CEO of the company, Rodgers said the company human management theme and the guideline of hiring employee is looking for the best and talented candidates to work for the company. He believed employees can create the company value and provide a working area…

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