Background Of Fabrics Inc. Essay

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Background of Fabrics, Inc.
The Fabrics Inc. Is a small company. It started out with forty employees and within four years they now have two hundred employees. They are really beginning to expand and expand fast. With that said there was lot of growth within the company, so the original employees were able to quickly advance positions.
Needs Analysis
The owner of the company has called in a consultant to help him with his fast pace growing company. The owner states that he cannot keep good employees, and the employees want more money, and he needs better-trained managers. The managers are not good with the customers nor the employees. The managers all worked their way up the ladder but did not receive the proper training.
The manager does not have the patients to deal with the customers or the employees. The consultant stated that the owner has to figure out what the actual issues are and what kind of action can be taken. There also needs to be a change in the way the supervisors are trained. This is where the training needs assessment needs to take place. When the needs assessment is done it will show whether the vendors or the consultant are able to help the owner. The needs assessment will take about a week to do and this will consist of talking to the owner, vendors, and employees.
When the needs assessment was done it started out with an interview with the owner, which, in the beginning, was the manager for the front line supervisors. Questions that were asked were,…

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