Background Information About The Agency Essay

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Background Information about the Agency National Healthcare Corporation (NHC) was founded in 1971 by Dr. Carl E. Adams of Murfreesboro, TN. Their mission is “Care is our business. Care that respects the individual. Care that promotes recovery, well being and independence. Care that seeks to meet all standards of quality“ (National Healthcare Corporation, 2016). According to Dr. Adams, the purpose for establishing NHC was to place older adults in a caring environment free from the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning and in home maintenance.
Services Provided National Healthcare Corporation (NHC) specializes in Residential Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living with over 150 facilities in 10 different states. Residential living allows residents to live in an environment without any home maintenance worries. Whereas, Assisted living allows individuals to live in a comfortable environment with licensed medical supervision on site 24/7 (National Healthcare Corporation, 2016). They also provide services such as physical therapy and hospice. NHC accepts insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, and LTC insurance, all of which will assist individuals with paying for nursing home care or assistance.
National Healthcare Corporation (NHC) has over 2,000 employees. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NHC is Robert G. Adams. However, Mr. Adams released a statement in May 2016 that he plans to step down as CEO in December 2016. The preceptor I am assigned to is…

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