Essay about Background And Importance Of Health And Wellbeing

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Schools are noticed as important facilitators for controlling and addressing the health and wellbeing of their students. A student’s health and wellbeing is significant when it influences their capability to interact in and with society. The current curriculum has a specific focus on on assisting students with the “enhancement of their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in varied and changing contexts” (Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, 2015). Specific effective school based education programs specialise in enhancing the health, wellbeing, and sense of belonging in every student, including students from diverse backgrounds, rural and remote areas, and, low socioeconomic status. Students from low socioeconomic background, particularly Indigenous Australian students, undergo various disadvantages which affect their sense of belonging, health, and sense of wellbeing. This essay discusses the background and importance of health and wellbeing in disadvantaged Indigenous students, and how particular programs are used to facilitate for the promotion of health and wellbeing in Indigenous Australian primary schools.
In 2008, the Australian Government committed to confronting the issue of Indigenous social disadvantage in Australia, suggesting that the “gap” (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2016) between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians can be closed. It has been established that social disadvantage,…

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