Back To Back Analysis

The Obama “Back to Back” spoof published by YouTuber Alphacat is directed towards the Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Its communicative purpose is to entertain and share the ideas and views the Obama character has against Trump. While many spoof main way to convey an idea, this spoof main way to develop ideas is through the lyrics. As well as in the original video, the lyrics are used as a counterattack to oppose the protagonist. Donald Trump being protagonist displays that many people are not very favored of him for legitimate reasons. In the spoof the reasons people may be opposed to Donald Trump are repetitively said rather than simply once, which shows there is a bigger message to the picture than what is being shown or told. At first, …show more content…
The creator is trying to convince the viewers that Trump allegation, Barack Obama being the worst President ever in the United States, is wrong and that he should not be elected President. This idea was supported when the creator of spoof mention how Obama was elected in the office for 2 terms. The viewers know that it takes a lot to be elected one term, but an additional 2nd term is rather difficult. So with being said, there is no way Obama could be the worst President ever, which clarifies that Trump is assumption is clearly misinforming. Furthermore, the creator of the video also points out that Trump was being target by El Chapo, a Mexican drug lord. The reason behind this was that Trump used El Chapo’s escape as additional anti-Mexico fodder for his campaign. Trump made it known from the beginning that he was not fond of Mexicans and wanted to stop them from coming in the country. That itself is a major way to lose votes and gain enemies, which one of them was El Chapo. Alphacat knows that having a President who isn’t accepting everyone will cause numerous problems. In addition to the previous claims, Alphacat also claimed Trump as being a biased person. One of the lyrics says “He don’t see the whole picture call him Petty Wap" which is mocking him by saying he unable to see and realize everything else as if he can only see throughout one of his eyes. The Petty Wap reference comes from the hip hop artist, Fetty Wap, whose is only visible throughout one eye. Some sort of imagery is also used to portray this idea of who Trump would like since he is such a bias and petty person. This reference appeals to the younger viewers that are knowledgeable of hip hop as they might be the only ones who can truly understand what it means when the publisher called Trump “Petty

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