Babysitting For A Family The Night Before Finals Essays

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Covering a shift for a friend? Babysitting for a family the night before finals? Last minute game reschedule? We all take on way too many obligations without realizing it until it is too late. Then, we are suddenly stuck in the middle of the week with three different responsibilities scheduled on the same night at the same time. A busy schedule can lead to postponing or cutting out what matters most to us without even realizing it. This busy lifestyle we have come so close to know has allowed us to feel like we can be everywhere and do everything. Here is how to deal with managing a busy schedule. Do what matters most to you. This means make sure all your spare time is spent doing things that mean something to you. Do not get caught up spending every last minute of your spare time in activities or organizations where your heart and soul is not at. Choosing and prioritizing may not be a strong point for you, but turning down certain projects, people, or ideas by saying, “No thank you,” is a must. It will help you maintain your sanity and be happy while balancing a busy schedule.
Stay organized and always have a plan. Staying organized will help to keep things simple. Having a plan will help to mentally prepare you for what lies ahead. Two ways to help stay organized and complete tasks are making sure you have a daily planner and to utilize a to-do list. After purchasing a planner, I recommend using different colored highlighters for each activity to help visualize what…

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