Azure Light Is The Minneapolis Based Project From Victor Roman

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Executive Summary
I am proposing a localized implementation of marketing that will help the band, Azure Light, establish a marketing footprint and gain exposure in the Midwest, primarily in the Twin Cities Area. This plan features the hiring of a manager, the use of a variety of social media outlets, and a local tour to promote their new EP, The Gate.
Azure Light is in its first year of operation. They wish to accomplish the following goals in the next year.
I. Record a 10 track album
II. Be featured in at least one underground music magazine or web article
III. Perform 60 live shows
IV. Establish a street team to assist in encouraging attendance at local shows

Situation Analysis
Market Summary
Azure light is the Minneapolis-based project from Victor Roman. This project is designed as an attempt to break into the underground metal scene, primarily in the Minneapolis metro area.
Target Markets
The target market of this project is students, both male and female, ranging in ages from 13-45. The majority of attendees at metal shows are generally in their late teens through mid-twenties, with outliers on each end of the spectrum. As this genre and scene have been around for a few decades now, there is a well-established fan base in both older and younger generations.

Market Demographics
The target geographic area for Azure Light is mainly the Midwest, specifically Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Sponsored social media posts are used in the…

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