Aztec : The Mesopotamian Civilization Essay

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Aztec is a term that refers to people linked trade, religion, and language. They were considered to be the most documented Mesopotamian civilization. They were known as the Nahuatl speaking people, of central Mexico, and there was known to be 11,000,000 of them. The Aztecs were first founded in the 6th century. The founding of the Aztecs began in Aztlan, Mexico. That is where they first settled on the journey of being an Aztec. They left their home, and they began a long journey of trying to find a place to settle. This journey started in 1110 and lasted about 225 years. They began by moving south until they settled in Tenochtitlan in 1325. It was not easy to find this place, they tried settling in a couple other places along the way. The first stop after they left Aztlan was Chapultepec. They settled by the lake, Texcoco. Soon after finally settling in this place they are expelled by the Tepanecs. The Tepanecs were Mesopotamian people, they were considered as the sister culture of the Aztecs. Because of the Aztecs expulsion of the Tepanecs, they were forced to leave their first settlement. They then continued on their journey, until they came across a place by the name of Tizapan. They settled here under the permission of the Culhuacan ruler, Cocoxtli. Then, they eventually settled in their “home”, Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan was a big trading center, which consisted of goods flowing in and out. Goods such as: gold, greenstone, turquoise, cotton, cacao beans, tobacco,…

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