Ayn Rand 's Anthem : Individualism Is Forgotten And Man 's Only Priority

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Ayn Rand’s Anthem gives the readers a look at a dystopian society in which individualism is forgotten and man’s only priority is to serve the greater good. The most common singular pronoun, “I”, is deemed unspeakable as it is thought of as self-centered and egocentric. The Council of Vocations controls all citizens’ lives, determining what they can and cannot do and laying out the rules for society. Rand’s Anthem depicts collectivism and communism, which have been ideas present throughout History. Germany, from 1933-1945, had a similar social structure to the one presented in Anthem, with the government carrying total power and control over the citizens and laying out the rules for society. Soviet Russia, a communist country, were oppressing their citizens, controlling what is taught to the youth and shutting down alternative view, such as churches, to remain in total control of the people. North Korea is a current example of how a government has total control of their people. The North Korean government currently control all media entering North Korea, whether that is digital media, newspapers and/or books and even what websites can be accessed on the internet. The communistic and collectivist ideas presented in Ayn Rand’s Anthem do not allow individuals freedom and this social structure, as shown throughout history, forces citizens to live under fear and oppression of their government. Before World War Two, in the year 1933, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany.…

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