Axil Textile Case Study

Axil Textile Company Background
Axil Textile Company is an international organization that is involved in the textile production and exporting in different international markets. It is located in at the Texas United States where the main branch is found and having other branches in European countries and Africa. The Axil Textile Company has five branches in different countries targeting Europe and Africa and looking forward to having more branches. Currently, it has over 120 employees. According to the financial department, the annual returns for the year ended on June 2015 was $144 million exclusive of taxes deductions. Therefore, the Axil Textile Company has indicated positive growth in the recent years hence targeting more entry into the
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Management has had appropriate marketing strategies that differ depending with the international market being targeted. In the most competitive countries, the Axil Textile Company management ensures the extensive marketing is undertaken in the regions surrounding with the aim of gaining higher market share or size. Therefore, it is evident that there is need for the change in structure being applied to reach on the need of the people through the production of the high-quality product.
In concentrating on the growth, the management has decided to use different tactics in attracting the customer 's loyalty. Providing high-quality products, customers becomes satisfied and hence making the referral to other customers (Harrington & Harrington, 1995). Textile industry requires having quality material whereby the customers are satisfied with the design and material being used. Therefore, the management of Axil Textile Company has developed a new change in the production department to ensure quality products are getting to the market. Having quality production, the number of the customers would increase and hence increasing the growth of the company. Furthermore, it would help in increasing competitive advantage over the rival companies ' hence increasing market share leading to company 's
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These plans depend on getting insight from the other company 's products and hence improving the production. The material from other companies would provide the nature of the material being used. Axil Textile Company production team would employ more technological innovation to make high-quality products to exceed the competitors (Zilka & Bischoff, 2010). This plan would enhance the production department to give more quality product to compete effectively with other

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