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Nicolous S. Abarca
BSA 1-28

Japanese Manga and Anime

Japanese culture has its own unique forms of comic books and animation. Manga (comic books) and anime (animation) are extremely popular in Japan. The earliest animation that is known to have been created in Japan was released in 1917. This early cartoon featured a samurai testing a sword and being defeated. Japanese animation pioneers included SeitarĊ Kitayama, Jun'ichi Kouchi, and Shimokawa Oten. The modern style of anime was developed during the 1960s. One of the most influential artists is Osamu Tezuka. He followed the example set by Walt Disney's popular animated films and simplified the techniques they pioneered to save time and money. Today's anime is both generated by
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Popularity with women has helped manga spread rapidly outside of Japan. Manga that is specifically targeted towards women is call shojo (girl) and usually deals with teenagers looking for boyfriends or going through typical teenage experiences, such as having to attend a different school, suffering the trials and tribulations of being bullied, or attempting to make a break from their regular cliques. However, these are not the only stories that are told in shoji. Shojo can also include exciting action stories with strong female protagonists in interesting roles that inspire young women, like those of scientists and warrior samurai. A common characteristic of manga are females with huge expressive eyes. Supernatural elements are also popular in this reading material. Offbeat subjects are another theme that is common in some shoji manga.
What Is Anime?
By Serdar Yegulalp

So what is anime, exactly?
The word anime -- pronounced "ah-knee-may" -- is an abbreviation of the wordanimation. In Japan, the word's used to refer to all animation. Outside of Japan, it's become the catch-all term foranimation from Japan.
For decades, anime was produced by and for Japan -- a local product, with a distinct look-and-feel to not just the artwork but the storytelling, the themes, and the concepts. Over the last forty years, though, it's become an international phenomenon,

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