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Automobile Banned Society
The automobile has been a part of an American life. Even though the manifest functions of the automobile is just a tool of transportation, latent functions of the automobile such as business and entertainment of automobile became important in American Society. If all cars were banned in the United States, the elimination of the automobile would affect social, cultural, economic arrangements in the American society, and also, some adjustments will be required to effectively function in an automobile-free society.
The invention of the automobile has influenced social arrangements in the American society. Automobile plays important role in division of labor. Unite States follows the division of labor almost every places because automobile connects the division of works, for example, farmer works on cultivation of food sources, and wholesale business or retail trade companies are engaged in marketing of the products. Because the automobile ships the farm products to those companies, this division of labor works perfectly. However, without the automobile, especially supermarkets which deal in fresh food would lose its credibility. People would have to attain self-sufficiency rather than having a division of labor. Next, Arry (2004) argues that “automobility is a source of freedom, the ‘freedom of the road’. Its flexibility enables the car-driver to travel at any time in any direction along the complex road systems of western societies that link together…

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