Morality And Unpredictable Futures By Steven Johnson

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2.) A: Although life is often filled with chaos and unpredictable futures, I do agree with the author Steven Johnson. I believe that as unpredictable this world is, that we must do our very best to predict to the best of our ability the effects each new innovation may bring. I would never have recognized some of these connections that have been made in this book between two things that could be so different. My favorite one being the air conditioning. The push for the invention of the air conditioner was to keep the ink from sliding off the papers. A reason that I would never connect myself. The simple explanation in my mind is, “well they were so sick of being hot, and they just needed to find a way to cool down.” As I sit in my air conditioned …show more content…
Coming from a Jesuit prep high school in Pennsylvania, my religion class was one that I often enjoyed and did well in. I have written countless papers on morality, along with a paper that I had to list and explain my value system. As a Roman Catholic, I believe I do have an established value system, and I think the world has a set standard of values. I do not believe that we really need to worry a whole lot about whether it is worth tangential cost. A perfect example and the example that Mr. Johnson uses is cars! Although many people die in car accidents and die from car related incidents, that is unfortunately worth the cost of what we get in return from cars. Of course every great thing has to have an equal or worse counterpart. Car’s do release many forms of different toxins and poisons into the air every second. They do hurt our environment, and are creating a hole in our atmosphere. Imagine where we would be without them. Take one second and look within an arm’s reach around you. The computer you are reading this on, was delivered by a car or truck. The book that I read to write this essay, was delivered through the postal system. You get the point that I’m trying to make. Yes, cars are bad for the environment, and yes they release toxins. They do however have other choice such as the hybrid and smart cars that are cleaning all these problems up one car at a time. We can not determine what is good and bad. Because if we said no to cars when we first started producing them, we wouldn’t be working on the car that can sense danger and stop itself. Fast forward to the even near future, a car that can drive itself. I am a firm believer in always going forward but also believe that you have to take some hits and suffer a loss to be able to learn from your mistakes. It’s up to us, if we want to push

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