Environmental Impact Of Automobile Industry Essay

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Environmental Impact of the American Auto Industry
The automotive industry has grown to be a dominate force in the American industrial landscape. This dominant stance is accompanied by a significant impact upon the environment of the world. The global market for the sale and production of automobiles has ushered in stiff competition the world over. The dominant forces in the industry have seen new manufactures challenge and in some cases overtake the entrenched manufacturers of old. This competition has created an environment where better, safer, more efficient and smarter cars have been developed. New technology has emerged in the industry, giving a competitive edge to the introducers of this technology. The downside of the increased competition has been the increased regulation to control the negative impact of emissions. Consumers have become increasing conscious of the impact that automobiles have made on the environment. This rise in consumer consciousness has been changing the landscape of the automobile industry forever.
Global competition in the industry
The automotive industry has its roots in Europe, particularly France and Germany. In 1768 Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot built the first automobile capable of human transported. Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the first automobile with an internal combustible engine in 1808 which
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Today’s cars are able to detect the objectives, allow for the people to talk through Bluetooth technology, view the peripheral via cameras and for families to enjoy multimedia systems during travel. Fuel efficiency has increased over the years to make the longer travel distance on less fuel possible. The most significant contribution of the automotive technology to the industrial world is the assembly line process. The assembly line single handedly revolutionized the manufacturing process, forcing cost down for

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