Autobiography About Myself Essay

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It 's hard to write an autobiography about yourself when you are still writing your story. I will try my best to sound as interesting and light hearted as possible. Through my family background, stories of a few family crisis events and thoughts about my future I will take you on a small journey about me, Diana Shirshova.

I was born, on May 16, 1992, in a Northern European country called Latvia. I will be turning 24 this year and that terrifies me because I am one year closer to my 30s. I am what my mom likes to call a hybrid because I am a mixture of Polish, Russian, Jewish and Christian. I live with my mom, step-dad, who I treat as if he was my biological father, and my grandfather. My parents, grandfather and I came to the United
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We have the same sense of humor, act almost the same and we understand one another. He might not be the perfect person but he is someone I look up to and hope to never lose my bond with. In Russian families your grandparents tend to live with you which is why my grandfather lives with us. There is no discussion of ever taking him to a nursing home and I don 't mind that. Growing up with him has been a great experience. When I was younger he would take me to and back from school, take me to the park, teach me to play chess/checkers, make me breakfast and lunch and so much more. He didn 't work when we moved out here due to his inability to speak English so I became his whole world. He is truly an amazing person and I am blessed to have in my life everyday. My education path has always been a some what bumpy and windy road. There were years when I had good grades and other years where I wasn 't too proud. I have to be honest and say that there isn 't really a choice that I made before entering college which I consider to be the wisest. I didn 't really make too many smart choices and as I look back if I had the ability to change the way I did certain things I would. I went to Santa

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