Essay on Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of complex disorder of the brain. Autism is a neurological disorder and is usually identified at the age of two or three. Symptoms of ASD usually start appearing at this age. Scientists have no proven records of the causes of ASD but it has been witnessed that genetics and environment have played a major role. Autism comes with no cure. Although, there are methods to comfort the child through which he/she can improve their health. In today’s world, awareness for autism has increased and people with ASD are provided with utmost care and attention. This paper delves into various aspects of autism such as identification, causes, therapies, education, expectation for future regarding this disorder and the funds for the people suffering through ASD. A number of governmental financial resources may be available for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. These resources include Medicaid Home and Community Based Waivers, Social Security Income, and Social Security Disability Insurance. Autism is one of the major concerns for today’s generation and the funds need to be increased to help the people affected.
To begin with, Autism does not have any specific symptoms. Sometimes, this disorder may not appear because of other disabilities. Autism may not show up because it is mild and cannot be recognized easily. There are a few warning signs such as if the “child does not babble, coo, or reply to gesture such as point or wave, by 12 months…

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