Autism And Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Essay

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Introduction “I waited for him to start speaking more. For him to start playing in the way that he was supposed to play. He wasn’t as “bad” as other kids; sure he banged his head on the ground. He was acting out. He ran around the house and when I called his name he would ignore me. I just figured it was terrible two’s. My friends and especially my family told me that my son would catch up. My mom suggested I be a little harder on him and not give into his tantrums. I didn’t think anything of it for a while, until I found out he had autism.” The fictional story above turns out to be reality for some families. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 68 children according to The Center for Disease Control (2014). ASD prevalence figures are growing as one of the fastest growing developmental disorders. Although there is no medical detection for ASD, researchers have made many connections for prevention and continue to strive for a clear understanding of this disorder. This paper will define ASD and its history as well as explain symptoms and prognosis of the disorder by using research of current treatments and strides made by researchers. This paper will also present the Cognitive and Behavioral approaches to ASD.
What is Autism? Autism (Greek translation: self-absorbed behavior) was identified in 1943 by the American child psychologist Leo Kanner and has been evolving ever since. Over these past 70 plus years, young people with autism have gone from…

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