Essay about Australia Should Not Produce Nuclear Technology

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Australia should definitely produce nuclear technology. Throughout this point in time, Australia is one of the few developed countries not using nuclear technology and energy. Nuclear has been used for over 50 years and supplies nuclear power to over 32 countries, without producing signs of any emissions. Therefore, Australia should develop nuclear technology as the geology of Australia is perfectly stable for the production of nuclear technology and more importantly, we have abundant uranium reserves, with 3 successful uranium mines in Australia. Unfortunately, the cost and nuclear wastage are the biggest challenges standing in the way of the development. That said, these challenges are not entirely undefeatable, and they do not stop a debate over whether nuclear power should be developed in Australia.

Nuclear technology should definitely be developed in Australia as soon as financially and politically possible. For nuclear technology to be developed, we need to first understand how nuclear energy is produced and how nuclear energy is recorded. Nuclear energy is a technology which involves the reaction of an atom nuclei. The production of nuclear energy, is first created from energy that is released when large atoms split into a series of controlled nuclear reactions, due to a heavy atom which captures a neutron. The splitting of the atom is called a nuclear fission. This occurs when alpha particles are emitted. The sum of the masses after the nuclear fission, is less…

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