Mental Health Case Study: Meet Samuel

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Case Study: Meet Samuel
Samuel is seven years old and in year three. He attends the local public school. Samuel wears the same t-shirt and shorts each day, regardless of the weather. He finds comfort in familiarity and is put out by change. His mother Lisa remembers many tantrums thrown by Samuel if his daily ‘uniform’ is being washed. Samuel becomes stressed and overcome by emotions if his t-shirt is not an option that day. This particular t-shirt fits him snuggly. He is disturbed by the feeling of loose fabric. Samuel demands, he must eat now, drink now, or be bought something now. Lisa speaks of how whatever anyone else does, Samuel must do the opposite. The answer to requests is usually a firm no. He is always telling Lisa how everyone else is stupid. This includes his classroom teacher. Samuel has created his own agenda at
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4). According to Butcher, Pearce and Shearer (2006, p. 4) the difficulties children with AS experience in relation to socialisation often lead to poor mental health and a high risk of depression. They suggest that while children with AS often have average to above average intelligence they will fall behind in certain learning areas due to poor mental health. In the opinion of Butcher, Peace and Shearer (2006, p. 5) children with AS such as Samuel could be disadvantaged in many different curriculum learning areas such as science and mathematics due to interference from depression. The Australian Curriculum (n.d.) quotes from the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians that a student should ‘have a sense of self-worth, self-awareness and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing’. Poor mental health associated with AS will see the child unable to succeed in the Australian Curriculum’s (n.d.) personal and social

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