Atticus Finch Integrity

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There are few men in the world who possess such great traits like perseverance and a great sense of integrity. Harper Lee's character, Atticus Finch, from her fictional novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, posses these traits and more. Atticus is an important influence on Scout Finch, his daughter, and her coming of age. Scout learns through Atticus' defending of a colored man that not all people are tolerant or good. While the colored man, Tom Robinson, was accused of taking a young woman named Mayella Ewell, they realized though Atticus' efforts that Tom is a good, innocent man. Atticus is one of the few good men in town to help Tom, showing the traits of a great man. As shown through his actions, Atticus is a man of great integrity, determination, and open-mindedness.
Atticus demonstrates integrity throughout the whole trial; Both in and out of court. He never once thought of himself as better than any of the others, especially not Tom. He used every opportunity he could such as Bob’s writing hand, the lack of doctor, etc. and never used any underhanded methods. Before going to court for the case, Atticus never threatened or disrespected those he was going against. Even when others were against him like the group of men who threatened him and those
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He demonstrates integrity with who he treats others both in and out of court; He treats everyone respectfully and never does anything with the intent of harming others. He shows determination with the case of Tom Robinson and with the upbringing of his children, doing his best for both. And lastly, Atticus demonstrates open-mindedness with others involved in the court case and those throughout the community. Throughout the whole book, Atticus shows the traits of a great man and though there are few out there, these great men are the leaders of our world and will lead us to become

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