Atticus And The Family Talk About What Happened Last Night Essay

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In chapter 16, Atticus and the family talk about what happened last night. While Atticus is glad that the kids intervened, Aunt Alexandra is livid. She felt that the kids could have gotten hurt. After breakfast, Atticus prepares to leave to go back to the courthouse. He tells the kids not to go downtown that day. Jem, Dill, and Scout go out to the front porch and Alexandra tells them to come back inside because they could get a good view of the people going to the courthouse. After lunch, Atticus comes home. He tells the kids that they spent the whole morning picking the jury. Jem, Dill, and Scout were so intrigued by this that they sneaked down to the courthouse. Once they reached the courthouse, they recognize Mr. Raymond sitting on the far side of the room with the African-Americans. Scout asks Jem why Mr. Raymond is doing that and he answers that he likes them better than the whites and that he has several children by an African-American woman. Jem goes on to explain more things about Mr. Raymond, including things about his mixed children. The lunch break ends and then everyone heads back to where they were sitting in the courthouse. The courthouse was fairly packed with people and so the trio had nowhere to sit. Luckily, Reverent Sykes sees them and offers them to sit in the balcony with the African-Americans. The trial already began and Mr. Heck Tate is on the witness stand.

Next, in chapter 17, Scout begins to settle down and listen to what Mr. Tate has to say. Mr.…

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