Attention Grabber: Is Ned Kelly A Hero Or Villain?

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Attention Grabber: The Outrageous, Vile and Sinful Ned Kelly.
Greeting: Good Morning/Afternoon Class 7F and Mr Hook.
Issue: The recent issue of debate is whether people of the society believe that Ned Kelly is a Hero or Villain.
Stance: Today I will be convincing you that the blood thirsty, villainous Ned Kelly was a crooked and deplorable man who had many criminal records from a young age, was involved in the Stringybark Creek murders and captured the whole Jerilderie town. These topics are only some of the horrible things Ned Kelly did against the law and society. This just demonstrates how villainous and crooked Ned Kelly actually was throughout his life.

Reason 1: Ned had Criminal Records from a young age.
T= In Ned Kelly's early years he became a
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Reason 2: Stringybark Creek Murders
T= At the age of 23, Ned and the Kelly Gang blatantly killed three troopers at Stringybark Creek leaving the blood of his victims smeared everywhere.
E= A lot of different reports of what happened had been told, but no matter the different scenarios, the results came out similar.
E= Three policemen were dead, two women were left without a husband and nine children were left without a father. (Public Records Office Victoria)
E= Ned and his Gang could have left this whole situation but decided not to and took villainous action against the troopers leaving Ned as a cold blooded murderer.
L= Do you really think a Cash-Obsessed, Blood thirsty, Cold blooded murderer like Ned would have been a Hero if he had done all of this throughout his life?

Reason 3: Entire Jerilderie Town Captured
T= The hold-up at the Bank of New South Wales in the town of Jerilderie caused a colossal uproar.
E= Mainly because of the daring plan that Ned and his Gang had thought out that destroyed citizens lives and affected everything in the

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