Atlantis Casino Persuasive Speech

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The antidote for the Angst of Las Vegas: Reno's Atlantis Casino

I've been to Las Vegas on several occasions and every time I go, the same panicky feeling comes over me about 24 hours into the trip.

What's next? What must I do? Have I gone to the New York place, been inside the big green lion head? Did I see Paris? What's going on with the new gravity-defying roller-coaster in the sparkling new 80,000-room theme hotel that was built in about 16 days?

I always feel as though I haven't done everything, seen the latest twinkling gizmo, gambled to the fullest extent of the law.

After a while, I want to run screaming from Las Vegas and never go back, tortured by all that I can't have and can't do.

So what's the alternative? Do I join the hordes
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The service there was great and the food and atmosphere a nice break from the clanging and clatter of the main floor.

And if you're the buffet kind of person, Toucan Charlie's is unreal. Not only do you get the standard steam trays of grub, but Toucan Charlie's offers Southwest, Asian, Mongolian BBQ, nightly prime rib and one of the most elaborate salad bars on the planet.

Atlantis wants to be a player's paradise, a sort of tropical wonderland of slot machines and palm trees. But the theme of the hotel was sometimes confusing. All I got out of it most of the time was red and purple, red and purple -- and occasionally, purple and red.

But again, construction was heavy at the time and may have added to my confusion. Some other things may have helped confuse me, but we won't go there.

What else is there to do in Reno, besides gambling? We tried to go to the Bowling Stadium. We saw it, but sorry, no outside play. No snow had fallen in a while, so skiing was out. Car museum? Done that.

Golf? Glad you mentioned it. Courses are going up at a staggering rate and we got a time at Wolf Run on Sunday morning. There are dozens of choices in the Reno-Tahoe area and Atlantis offers golf packages pregnant with

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